Collect Everything.
Create Anything.

Imagine if everything you needed for your creative projects lived in one place.

Images, websites, videos, notes and files collected from the internet and your computer, organized just the way you want them, accessible with a single click. And what if what you gathered lived right here, on your computer, safe from the prying eyes of big tech companies and random copyright takedowns? Well, wonder no more.

Why Packuro?

Collect All The Things.

Whether it's on your hard drive or the internet, Packuro lets you save and organize just about anything. Images, videos, websites, PDFs and documents, songs and audio files, text copied and pasted from anywhere, files of all kinds, even whole folders. Many files you add from the internet will be downloaded automatically, and images can be dragged from your favorite inspiration websites right into your Pack (no web clipper required).

Create Without Limits.

Many apps and websites limit you to a certain number of notebooks/boards/folders, forcing you to micromanage your creative process. Not Packuro. You can create unlimited Packs with any numbers of items and folders inside. If your computer has the room to store it, you can save it.

Privacy & Peace Of Mind.

Nobody wants the big tech companies looking through their stuff, using it for advertising and "research". And thanks to overzealous copyright takedown policies, you never know if that thing you saved may disappear from your favorite inspiration website. That's why I built Packuro to be free of any privacy-compromising tracking/analytics code, and to download as much as possible on to your computer automatically. What's in your Packs stays in your Packs, and I nor anyone else can peer into what you've saved.

No Subscriptions. Ever.

Never worry about missing out on the best features or having your creative inspiration held for ransom thanks to a "premium" membership. Packuro is free to download with a lifetime of updates. If you want to join the Packuro family and score some extra goodies like swag and exclusive content, you can support Packuro via Patreon.

"Packuro is my love letter to the creative community. As a maker and designer, I know the ongoing challenge of collecting, organizing and sharing the thousands of bits that go into the creative process. I designed Packuro to solve that problem in a way that makes sense to creatives while avoiding the usual B.S. that comes with most apps. I'm not looking to create the next billion dollar company. I just want to see you become the best you can be, no matter what your craft."

Thank you for making the world a better place.

-Caleb Nachtigall, creator of Packuro