Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is 42.

What the heck is a Pack?

It's a named collection of items (images, notes, files, links and so on). Packs can be grouped into Sections, and inside each Pack, you can further organize items by folder. A Pack might be a project, or a themed group of items, or something else. It's up to you.

Which operating systems does Packuro support?

Packuro currently supports macOS and Windows.

Will my computer run Packuro?

Most likely, yes. I've tested it on a range of computers, from a 2013 Macbook Air to a crappy 7-year-old business laptop with 4GB of RAM + Windows 7 to a brand new Macbook Air and even a high-end 2019 gaming PC. All performed wonderfully. As long as your computer was build after 2010, is moderately fast and has a decent amount of hard drive space, you should be fine.

Do you have a mobile app?

Get off your phone and go make something! Seriously... kids these days...

Joking aside, not yet. I'd like to have a companion app to help you capture stuff on the go at some point, but I'm concentrating on getting the desktop experience solid first. Plus, since Packs can be upwards of 1GB or more, trying to sync your stuff up to your phone would eat through your data plan like a pack of raccoons at an unattended summer potluck. It'll require some careful planning to get the mobile experience right, so it's part of the long-term vision.

Are there really no limits?

Nothing is truly infinite, but Packuro doesn't enforce any kind of cap on what you do with it. If you put 2000 high-res images inside one Pack, no one will stop you... but that Pack will probably load kind of slow. If you decide to sort through five external hard drives and migrate all of it into Packuro, you'll fill up your hard drive in no time. That being said, you can have thousands of Packs and many items inside each as long as your computer can handle storing it.

If you have around 50GB of free space on your hard drive and at least 8GB of RAM, you'll likely never run into issues.

Are there any restrictions on how many computers I can install Packuro on?

Nope. Install to your heart's content.

Does Packuro sync my data across computers?

Not yet. I've started laying the groundwork for syncing via cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive, but the feature requires surmounting some technical hurdles that will take time to conquer.

Can I migrate my data out of Packuro?

Yes-ish. A full-featured exporter is in the works, but Packs can be easily gone through with your computer's file explorer.

Is there a feature roadmap?

Yes. Right here.

Can I use Packuro for my business or for commercial work?

Yes! You're free to use Packuro for personal or commercial projects. All I ask is that if you're using Packuro commercially and benefiting monetarily, at least give Packuro a shout-out on social media (or better yet, support me on Patreon). Deal?

I have a problem. What are my support options?

The resources page has a bunch of content on how to use Packuro, so if it's a "How do I..." question, start there. Otherwise, if you've found a bug or the app isn't functioning right, let me know at support[at]