This is Packuro

Simple but powerful

Packuro main screen

It all starts with Packs. Packs are the containers that hold all of your stuff.

You give them a name and an image to make them easy to find.

Packs are organized into Sections, and you can freely drag and drop Packs between them to rearrange things to your heart's content.

Creating a Pack in Packuro
Viewing a Pack in Packuro
Drag and drop image from browser to Packuro

You can put a lot of things in a Pack, including images, videos, links, notes, audio and files. Adding items is as simple as dragging and dropping or using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can even drag and drop stuff right out of your web browser into Packuro.

Items can be sorted into folders. There is no limit on how deep your folders can go.

Drag and drop anything to re-arrange your grid.

Different kinds of items previewed in Packuro

Click on any item to view it. Files that aren’t natively supported by Packuro will be opened in your computer’s default program.

Rename things, add tags and more from the preview menu. Find items by name or tag with Pack-wide search

Packs can easily be backed up or shared via Exporting. This puts the entire Pack into a single file that can be backed up to an external hard drive or cloud storage, or shared with someone else. And importing is as simple as double-clicking the Pack file.

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