Image Breaker

One-click image and video extractor.
(No installation required)

Sometimes you want to save an image or a video from a website, but things like right clicking and dragging are disabled. Maybe it's the background on a page, or perhaps a short embedded video. Sure, you could try and "hack" the page to get it, but why do that when you can just click?

Ready to break the internet?

Drag the button below into your bookmarks bar:


(or you can click it to try it on this page)

Which browsers support ImageBreaker?

I recommend Chrome, Brave or Safari for best results, but it will work anywhere you can use bookmarklets. Note that Edge doesn't support dragging and dropping links into the favorites bar, and Internet Explorer... well, if you're using IE, just do yourself a favor and download Brave.

Where can I use ImageBreaker?

Pretty much anywhere.

Where can I NOT use ImageBreaker?

Considering there are literally billions of web pages on the internet, there is no way I can give you a complete list. That being said, here's a few of the major ones I know of:

  • Facebook Videos can't be captured (images are fine)
  • YouTube videos can't be captured (but it'll get the full-size thumbnail image)
  • In Firefox only, ImageBreaker doesn't work on some social sites like Twitter and Pinterest

I don't see my favorites/bookmarks bar. How do I show it?


Obviously, using ImageBreaker to steal other people's stuff isn't cool. Please respect copyrights.

Also, by using this bookmarklet, you agree that Packuro / Caleb Nachtigall can't be held responsible for what you do with ImageBreaker.