What's on the horizon for Packuro.

Faster link adding

Currently, links take about 10 seconds to load in (thanks to the preview screenshots). That needs to be faster.

Clipboard for Pack items

Sometimes you want to move stuff between Packs or between folders. Wouldn't it be nice to just copy it into a clipboard and move it somewhere else?

Better pan/zoom controls for images

When you click on an image to preview it, you can pan around when it's zoomed in by moving your mouse. It's kinda unintuitive and feels weird compared to most other programs that have you click and drag to move the view. So, I'm changing it to be click and drag with better zoom controls.

Backing up Packs to your personal cloud storage account

Support for Google Drive, Dropbox, and maybe iCloud. Also represents the first step toward some level of cloud syncing for Packuro.

In-app PDF previews

My initial attempt at this fell flat, so I want to give it another go. Not a critical feature, but it would be good to not require an external program.

Better accessibility and keyboard support

Packuro has partial keyboard support, but I'd like to make the whole app useable without a mouse. Plus, it would be great to start building in things like screen reader support, zoomable text, and other features to make it friendlier to the wider creative community. This will likely be an ongoing process, but there are some big wins to be had that I can accomplish with a few weeks of concerted effort.

Saving web pages for offline access

Add the option to save a website page wholesale, so you can guarantee you'll be able to see the content on it regardless of the website's existence or internet connectivity.

Mobile app for on-the-go capture

No idea when this will happen, but it's on the long-term roadmap.